About Us

Serkim Resin is one of the leading companies producing high quality alkyd resins with a long history in the market. With every passing day, our strong relations with our customers based on mutual respect, experience in the sector since 1982 and 25 years of corporate history helps us maintain our strong position in the market. In 2007, our company’s quality standards received the ISO-9001 quality management system certification, and our company is rapidly increasing its market share through our understanding of disciplined work and quality production. We produce more than 60 different types of alkyd and saturated polyester resins at our facilities and expand our product range every day by producing tailor-made resins according to the demands of our local and foreign customers. We use new technology in our R&D Department to develop new resins that are adaptable to different continents and climates.

Using our own capital, our company invested in a new 35,000 ton capacity facility which started production in 2017. We export a large portion of our products to various countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas.

As the sector’s one and only 100% Turkish financed company producing alkyd resins, Serkim will continue to serve the paint industry with its innovative products. Since its foundation, our company has never compromised on quality, and our understanding of customer service is to provide unconditional satisfaction.

Our fundamental principles are:
  • To carry out all our operations in a timely fashion using team work and an understanding of cooperation to ensure high quality and efficiency.
  • To be aware of the effects of our work on the environment, human health, and the safety of life and property.
  • To offer products and services that exceed the expectations of our local and global customers by continuously developing our knowledge and the technologies we use.
  • And to extend our product range and quality control at each stage of production by ensuring that all our employees closely follow developments in the sector.